A message claiming that 'COVIPRI' is a substitute for Remdesivir injection, is viral on social media.

The vials of COVIPRI are in circulation claiming that they can cure COVID-19 infection and any person that needs Remdesivir can contact on 9119043755


Some users also speculated on the authenticity of COVIPRI.

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COVIPRI is not Remdesivir.

According to The Hindu, Delhi Police have arrested five persons from Uttarakhand for allegedly manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdesivir injections

Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. Shrivastava took to Twitter to inform about the incident and the arrest.

"Delhi Police working on useful information arrested 5 culprits in a prolonged investigation & unearthed a 'pharmaceutical' unit at Kotdwar, Uttarakhand manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdesivir injections (COVIPRI) sold at a price of over ₹25,000. In all 196 ready-to-sell fake Remdesivir injections were seized. From the premises, packing machines, 3,000 empty vials for packing Remdesivir were recovered. Accused further disclosed that he already sold 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections to desperate people [sic]," the commissioner tweeted.

Delhi Police officer Monika Bharadwaj shared pictures of a fake Remdesivir injection box on Twitter. Through her social media post, she urged netizens to be aware of the fake injection which is being sold by a brand named 'COVIPRI'. She also informed through her post that the racket involved in the supply of this fake Remdesivir injection has been busted. There are chances that some of these might still be in the market.

"This is #Fake. No #Remdesivir by the name of COVIPRI exists. This complete racket has been busted but some injections may still be in circulation. Please do not buy from unverified sources," she said


A team of police has been formed to gather information about those who have been given these fake injections. Aaditya Gautam used to run the factory where medicines were manufactured. Given the demand for Remdesivir, he started manufacturing fake Remdesivir injections.

Aditya Gautam is a resident of Roorkee and has been arrested by the Delhi Police. According to police, several other people are involved in the syndicate.


On the vial of COVIPRI, the manufacturer's name is mentioned as Pristine life sciences in Sikkim. But it does not manufacture Remdesivir.


Here is the tweet of IPS Monika Bhardwaj

Therefore, taking advantage of the panic situation, some miscreants have started producing fake Remdesivir. This racket was busted by Delhi police. So, COVIPRI is a not Remdesivir. It is a FAKE.

Claim Review :   ‘COVIPRI’ is a substitute for Remdesivir injection
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