Hyderabad: Amid Israel and Palestine conflict, several fake news posts are making rounds on social media. Children's photos covered in blood and under debris are being shared widely with heart-wrenching captions.

A photo of a child wiping the blood off the floor has been circulating on WhatsApp and Twitter. NewsMeter found this picture being shared over WhatsApp with the message: "Picture talks the situation--A child wipes the blood of his father and his brothers who were martyred last night by the Israeli aggression against the Bedouin village in Northern Gaza. The picture is talking (sic)."

Fact check:

NewsMeter performed a reverse image search using Yandex and TinEye. The same photo had been shared during the 2014 Gaza war. It has again been shared with the same context of Israeli aggression against Gaza.

The image has been circulating since 2012 and has been shared on various Twitter handles as a Palestinian kid cleaning the blood after losing his family members.

Click here for the original tweet

Click here for the original tweet

NewsMeter followed the thread and found out that the image has been first uploaded in 2012 on a website `500 px'. It is a platform for photographers to share their works and get noticed.

A photographer under the handle of RJ Stitt had uploaded the photo in 2012 with the caption, "Palestinian kid cleaning up after the slaughter of a cow in his parent's slaughterhouse, Nr Ramallah Palestine."

RJ Stitt's personal information states he is from Jerusalem, Israel. Ramallah is a Palestinian city in the central West Bank located 10 km north of Jerusalem.


The photo is original but has been taken out of context and shared with the wrong caption. Hence the claim is misleading.

Claim Review :   Recent Photograph of Palestinian child wiping father’s blood
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  Misleading

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