Hyderabad: Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, an Instagram post has gone viral with the claim that Israeli soldiers are abducting and raping Palestinian women. The post is being shared with the hashtag #FreePalestine.

Fact Check:

The viral claim is misleading. The photos are of Lama Khater, a journalist, and are from 2018.

The NewsMeter Fact-Check team performed a reverse image search and found a tweet that read, "Lama Khater a writer, hugging her two years old kid, before the terrorist regime kidnaps her."

Hence, the woman in the viral photo is Lama Khater, a journalist. According to a report, she was arrested for her "harsh anti-Israel writings" in 2018.

(Find the link to the article which talks about Lama Khater in detail here)

These photos are being circulated now with a false claim.

We also found another tweet along with a video that contained the same photos and read, "Pictures of Palestinian Journalist Lama Khater embracing her three year old son before being taken away by Israeli soldiers have gone viral". This was tweeted in 2018.

We also searched for related articles on her arrest and found an article by Egypt Today that stated that Lama Khater was arrested in 2018 for her anti-Israeli writings and she was later released in 2019 after serving 13 months in prison.

Hence, the viral posts claiming to show photos of Israeli soldiers abducting and raping women are misleading. The photos show Palestinian writer and journalist Lama Khater who was arrested in 2018 for her anti-Israeli writings. She was later released after serving 13 months jail sentence.

Claim Review :   Instagram post claims to show photos of Israeli soldiers abducting and raping Palestinian women.
Claimed By :  Instagram Post
Fact Check :  Misleading

Shimron Diana

Shimron Diana is a Fact Checker at News Meter. She is currently pursuing her Master's in MA. Mass communication and journalism from St. Francis College for Women, Begumpet. Along with her interests in writing, researching and reporting, she also finds herself interested in graphic designing, visual effects, motion graphics, painting, and content creation.

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