Rumours about Queen Elizabeth's corgis being buried with her are false

A post claiming that the corgis owned by Queen Elizabeth II will be "buried alive" with her is doing the rounds of social media.

By Sunanda Naik  Published on  23 Sep 2022 12:55 PM GMT
Rumours about Queen Elizabeths corgis being buried with her are false

Hyderabad: A post claiming that the corgis owned by Queen Elizabeth II will be "buried alive" with her is doing the rounds of social media.

Britain's beloved monarch, who died at the age of 96 on 8 September, was buried in a private ceremony on 19 September. The late monarch was long known for her love of dogs, especially her Pembroke Welsh corgis.

The rumours of her corgis being buried with her started circulating on the internet since she passed away. We found an article titled "Cute! Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Prepare to Be Buried Alive With Her."

Similar posts can be seen on Facebook too.

Screenshots of the post have been widely shared on social media by users with captions like, "Kurt Zouma kicked a cat and the whole England went crazy. Now Elizabeth's dog will be buried alive with her. Where are the animal activists???"

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Have they actually buried the corgis along with her Majesty? Let's find out.


Queen Elizabeth II, perhaps the most famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi owner in history, has owned more than 30 of the dogs in her lifetime.

On performing a keyword search, we found a report by BBC showing a family tree of the Queen's 30 fur babies.

From this, we confirmed that on the last days, the Queen was left with four dogs—two corgis, a cocker spaniel, and a Dorgi.

Have the corgis been buried alive with Queen Elizabeth? The answer is, No!

NewsMeter scanned the internet to find media reports that backed the veracity of the claim but couldn't find any reports apart from these rumours which is quite unusual, as anything related to Queen Elizabeth II is definitely big news.

However, to back our fact-check report we found a report by CBS News, confirming that the Queen's two corgis—Muick (pronounced Mick) and Sandy—will be looked after by one of the Queen's sons, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah, Andrew's team confirmed to Britain's PA news agency.

We found another report confirming the custody of the corgis. It further stated, "It is still unclear who will look over Elizabeth's two other dogs—a cocker spaniel named Lissy and a dachshund corgi hybrid named Candy. Some royal experts previously speculated that the dogs may be separated and given to various family members."

Moreover, a report by The Times of India said, "Through 96 years of her life, the Queen was known for her elegance, strength of character and taste in jewellery and as expected, some pieces of jewellery from the royal treasure will accompany her to the grave."

Hence, it is evident that the rumours are just rumours. No corgi has been buried with the Queen. The claim is false.

Claim Review:Queen Elizabeth’s corgis being buried with her.
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