Hyderabad: Social media users are sharing a video claiming that a church in Spain allowed the procession of Ganesh Ji to enter the minster.

"In Spain, few Indians who organized the Ganesh festival have asked the Church authority whether they can take the Ganesh ji from the way which is in front of the church because this usually is the prayer time of the church. In reply, church authorities have asked them to bring Ganpati Bappa for a few min inside the church so that both Gods can meet with each other. One glimpse of their meeting (sic)," reads the viral message

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We also came across another tweet with a similar claim. "In Spain, Indians who organized the Ganesh festival asked the Church if they could take the Ganesh ji from the Church's way. The church asked them to bring Ganpati Bappa inside the church so that both Gods can meet with each other (sic)," it reads.

(From a friend in Spain)"

The tweet also had a similar video which was shared across Whatsapp groups.

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Fact Check:

The claim is false. This is an old video.

Firstly, News Meter using the InVid tool checked the Keyframes of the image and came across an article by News 18.com. "Following the church officials' outrage, a Spanish bishop apologized for an event in his diocese. The priest who allowed the procession has resigned from his position as Vicar General," reads the 2017 article.

(Find the link to the article by News 18.com here)

Secondly, we also came across a YouTube video which contained similar visuals.

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The YouTube video was posted four years back in 2017.

We also came across an article by the Daily Caller which stated that, "Catholic vicar in North Africa resigned in disgrace Monday, following church officials' outrage at his decision to welcome a Hindu procession into the cathedral. The Hindu communities from the Spanish regions of Ceuta and Melilla, which border Morocco, intended to leave a floral offering outside Our Lady of Africa Cathedral Sunday as a gesture of respect to Christians during the end of their worship of the god Ganesh, according to Crux Now."

The article was published in 2017

(Find the link to the article by the Daily caller here)

Conclusion: Hence the claim is false. Viral video of Ganesha entering the church dates back to 2017

Claim Review :   A video of Ganesh procession entering a church
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Shimron Diana

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