Video of man abusing kids is from Egypt, not India

A video of a man abusing small kids is going viral on social media.

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  21 Oct 2021 3:45 AM GMT
Video of man abusing kids is from Egypt, not India

A video of a man abusing small kids is going viral on social media.

"మీ వాట్సాప్‌లోని అన్ని నెంబర్లు మరియు గ్రూప్‌లు మిస్ కాకూడదు, ఈ వీడియోను అందరికీ పంపండి, ఇది వల్సాద్‌కి చెందిన DPS SCHOOL రాజ్‌బాగ్ టీచర్ షకీల్ అహ్మద్ అన్సారీ, ఈ టీచర్ మరియు స్కూలు రెండూ మూసివేయబడేలా షేర్ చేయండి. వీడియో వైరల్ కావడం చాలా తేడాను కలిగిస్తుంది మరియు చర్య తీసుకోబడుతుంది, దయ లేని వారు నోరు మూసుకుని (టైప్ చేయడం)," reads the message in Telugu.

"Don't miss all the numbers and groups on your WhatsApp, send this video to everyone, Shakeel Ahmed Ansari, DPS SCHOOL Rajbagh teacher from Valsad, share this video till the teacher and the school are closed. Video being viral makes a lot of difference and action is taken, those who have no mercy keep their mouths shut (typing)," reads the English translation of the message.

This video is viral on WhatsApp also.

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The claim that the viral video is from India and is recent is FALSE.

When the keyframes extracted from the video were searched using Reverse image searches of Google and Yandex, we found that the video is originally from Egypt. This incident took place in August 2014. We found a few articles in the Arabic, Turkish languages which published the same images and videos in 2014.

According to, the video was leaked from inside an orphanage "Makkah Al-Mukarramah" in the Haram area of Giza showing the director of the orphanage beating a number of children brutally because they "watched TV and opened the refrigerator of the house".

The video was first telecast on the AL-Ahram website, which stated that the owner of the house, the wife of the accused director, Ilham Eid Awad, filmed the video, and she uploaded it to YouTube.

The video was also published in, in August 2014, the article states that the video shows Osama Mohamed Othman hitting the children before kicking them as they run away, screaming in pain. State-run Al-Ahram newspaper said Othman's estranged wife filmed the video two months ago at Dar Mecca Al- Mokarama Orphanage in Giza.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali ordered for the children to be transferred to another orphanage.

An activist with the handle @GhadaEgyptologist tweeted: "The kids are so happy as if they just got freed from a prison".

According to another article in, the accused was sentenced to two years of hard labor during which he cannot obtain a pardon, and the third year in probation provided he pays a $110 bond.

This was also published by the BBC news website also. The article also published that a senior security official said that during questioning Othman justified his actions by saying he had been trying to teach the children "a lesson" as they were playing with electrical devices and he feared for their lives.

Therefore, the video is from Egypt, not India. The claim is FALSE.

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