Waseem Rizvi is safe, BJP MLA beaten up

UP Shia leader Waseem Rizvi has filed Public interest litigation in the Supreme Court demanding deleting 26 Ayats....

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  31 March 2021 10:28 AM GMT
Waseem Rizvi is safe, BJP MLA beaten up

UP Shia leader Waseem Rizvi has filed Public interest litigation in the Supreme Court demanding deleting 26 Ayats from the Holy Quran. He said these verses allegedly promote extremism and terrorism and pose a serious threat to the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of the country. The petition has sparked protests with several clerics issuing fatwas against the petitioner.

Against this backdrop, a video is viral on social media in which a man is seen being beaten up by a Sikh mob. Netizens claim the man being beaten is Waseem Rizvi.

The video has a voice-over in Kashmiri. "Congratulations to the Muslim brothers. Sikh brothers beat Waseem Rizvi, who filed a case in the Supreme Court insulting the Qur'an. He had to hide inside the shop seeking protection. This is what happens to people who display hate," reads the transcription of the voiceover

This video has been shared on Facebook several times, with the same narrative.

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The claim that the video shows Waseem Rizvi beaten by Sikhs is FALSE.

The video actually shows BJP MLA Arun Narang, being beaten by farmers in Punjab. When keyframes extracted from the video were used to perform Google Reverse Image Search, we found several news reports about the incident which occurred on 27 March 2021.

According to the reports, on March 27, anti-farm law protestors in Punjab attacked BJP MLA from Abohar, Arun Narang. They thrashed him and tore off his clothes. The visuals of the incident, which took place in Malout town of district Muktsar in Punjab had gone viral on social media.

When Abohar legislator Arun Narang reached Malout along with local leaders to address a press conference, they were surrounded by a group of protesting farmers, and black ink was thrown at them, officials said. Some police personnel took the MLA and local leaders to a shop. But later when they came out of it, the protesters allegedly thrashed them and tore Narang's clothes, police said.


We can see the same viral video shared on various news media platforms.




This video is not related to Waseem Rizvi. Therefore, the claim is FALSE.

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