Famous television presenter moves Telangana high court against police harassment

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Feb 2020 5:35 AM GMT
Famous television presenter moves Telangana high court against police harassment

Hyderabad: Famous journalist and television presenter Teenamar Mallanna aka Ch Naveen Kumar has moved the Telangana High Court against the alleged police harassment.

Mallanna informed the court that the Special Branch and Intelligence wing of the Police department are constantly telephoning him, his family members and other relatives.

Mallanna in his petition stated that he is working as a journalist and also owns a news channel. He said he has unearthed several land scams in Telangana.

The petitioner said with his unbiased reporting, he has gained some prominence in the state and in the process he has also antagonized few prominent leaders of the present dispensation.

“Therefore the current dispensation has kept me under the radar. They are observing every move of mine,” Mallanna told the court.

The television presenter noted that police recently contacted his friends, family members and even his office on the pretext that he was facing threat from some sections.

The petitioner said neither he nor anyone on his behalf informed any Law Enforcement Agency about any threat perception. Mallanna said he has not requested for any security.

“I therefore see this as a reason to abrogate my right to privacy as laid down by the Supreme Court. I also urge the High court to restrict any officer from excessively using his authority in violation of my fundamental rights.” he pleaded the court.

He also urged the court to issue directions to the officials concerned to stop their actions.

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