Hyderabad: It was a proud and emotional moment for a father as he received the five gold medals awarded to his son posthumously. This heartfelt moment took place at Nagarjuna University in Guntur when Tirupaalu received his late son Chennakeshavulu’s gold medals on 28 February.

Tirupaalu and Lakshmamma, residents of Bapuji colony in Markapuram, Prakasam district, worked hard day and night selling flowers and doing daily labour to provide a good life for their seven daughters and a son. Chennakeshavulu was always inclined towards education. Seeing their son’s interest, the couple decided to give him a good education at any cost.

Aware of his parent’s struggles, Chennakeshavulu did not disappoint them and completed his degree in Markapuram and his Master’s degree at Nagarjuna University. He was in his fourth-year Phd in political science and public relations. Chennakeshavulu dreamed of providing a good future to his sisters, but in August 2019 he was killed in a road accident. Unable to bear the death of his son, Lakshmamma died three months after Chennakeshavulu’s death.

After his death, he was awarded five gold medals for excellence in the university examinations in both PG and PhD. Tirupaalu received the five gold medals from the interim Vice-Chancellor, Rajasekhar on behalf of his son.

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