Hyderabad: Insufficient income from agriculture and crop loss due to untimely rains have forced a Maharashtra farmer to find other means of making money. Khaizar Baig Khurshid (38), belonging to Nanded district of Maharashtra, started smuggling PDS rice to make that easy money. Malkajgiri police in Hyderabad arrested him and seized the rice from him on Monday.

Khurshid owns agricultural land in his native village, but the income from agriculture fell drastically, and the weather turned villain as well. As a result, he fell into a financial crisis and turned to smuggling to solve his problems. He collected the rice from different residential localities in Malkajgiri, for low rates and sold it for higher prices in his village. He would transport the stolen rice by train back to Maharashtra. The police discovered that he had been selling this rice for three times the original price.

On Monday, the police intercepted him while he was smuggling the bags in three auto-rickshaws. They found no valid documents for the rice and learnt that it was being smuggled. They arrested Khurshid, seized the vehicles and 25 bags, each weighing 25 kg. Further investigation is underway.

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