Galwan standoff: India needs to forge active military cooperation with US, Russia, south-eastern countries

By Dr. Mohan Bhandari  Published on  23 Jun 2020 5:52 AM GMT
Galwan standoff: India needs to forge active military cooperation with US, Russia, south-eastern countries

The Noble Spirit of Rassul Galwan-a native of Ladakh and a trusted assistant to various 19 Century European Explorers would have been happy to witness the quick, bold & aggressive response of BIRSA MUNDA Warriors (16 BIHAR) & Valiant SIKHS of 3 Medium Regiment - that has left the Chinese dumbfounded & jolted. It was like the Charge of Light Brigade into Valley of Death delivered by the BRAVE HEARTS of the Indian Army that killed at least 43 PLA Soldiers & injured double this number. While India has made her loss public, the truth from Chinese will never come out like casualties of Tiananmen Square or the deaths of COVID-19 count!

The Dragon may pause a while to lick its wounds, but make no mistakes, it shall rebound & come back stronger. The QUESTION IS, WILL WE?

Past masters in psychological warfare, deceit & surprise, at the time of writing these lines, Beijing has warned that India should vacate all Chinese territories otherwise, war will break out. It also says China will send troops to ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’ to liberate it.

Yet again we are confronted with a tactical scenario which threatens to derail sanity as known & understood by us. Threats of similar conflicts in the Western, Central & Eastern Sectors & even their escalation are likely if answers to as to why GALWAN, PP 14 & FINGERS happened are not found & addressed immediately & appropriately. So, the situation along the LAC will remain for a considerable period of time. The Policy Planners of South Block will have to revisit their response based upon:-

(1) While LAC may remain a volcano, can China be trusted to adhere to peace at the Borders?

(2) Can current level of economic cooperation continues to be maintained without jeopardizing the public sentiment?

(3) How does India counter growing Chinese influence in Nepal?

(4) Can India sustain large scale military deployments simultaneously against China & Pakistan?

CPEC indeed was a Trillion-Dollar Blunder-a Chinese COLONIAL MISADVENTURE -of which the jugular vein runs on land that is rightfully claimed by India. Then came abrogation of Art 370 followed by COVID-19. This Cocktail exploded East of Shyok & South of Daulat Beg Oldi. The ‘Salami Slicing’ failed miserably this time.

Salvation lies in NOT permitting this vicious design to recur in any Sector. Policy Planning, therefore, has to be deftly articulated at a MACRO ( STRATEGIC) LEVEL to safeguard the entire Sino-Indian Border - thus coming down to MICRO (TACTICAL) levels in each Theatre/Sector. It is good that GOI has now given freedom of action to all Local Commanders to take appropriate measures as they deem fit.

A disturbing happening in the cozying up between China & Nepal- a new reality & a matter of grave concern. It is now confirmed that behind this are the hands of Hou Yanki (Present Chinese Lady Ambassador in Nepal) who had also been Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan. It is reported that she is very close to KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal. It is amazing that Oli -a Brahmin whose roots are in Kumaon Division of Uttarakhand took a lead in claiming Indian Areas of Lampiyadhura, Kalapani & Lipulekh setting aside the age-old ‘ROTI-BETI RELATIONSHIP’ by a single stroke of a pen.

This could force us to deploy more troops on yet another long stretch of Indo-Nepalese Border. India will have to resort to employing both overt & covert steps to expose yet another nexus & take measures to discredit & unseat the Communist Regime.

Sino-Indian Imbroglio being multidimensional is NOT capable of solution by itself. There is no other way but to solve it on political, diplomatic & economic levels. The moot question is whether both countries can remove their trust deficit & are prepared to give matching concessions to each other?

India needs to forge active military cooperation & alliances with the US, Russia, Japan, Australia & some South Eastern Countries.

This is a long haul & NOT a Sprint!


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