• Telangana government to speed up slew of projects, including development and beautification of lakes
  • Connectivity to Kokapet, Kollur areas
  • Developing logistics parks in HMDA purview
  • Hitex convention centres at Uppal, Medchal to come up
  • Blueprint on Gandipet lake project

Hyderabad: The Gandipet lake project will include a 40-km walking and cycling tracks around it, according to the latest proposal by the Telangana government. The state government is keen on developing and protecting lakes in Telangana. Towards this, we have taken up beautification of Hussain Sagar, Durgam Cheruvu and Gandipet lakes, said Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao.

As part of an initiative to speed up several ongoing and proposed projects to make Hyderabad a global city, the Telangana government will construct Hitex convention centres at Uppal and Medchal very soon. These convention centres with global standards will cater to the ever-increasing number of global seminars and trade fairs in Hyderabad, added KTR.

The MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao held a marathon meeting. Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority officials briefed the minister about the ongoing projects. KTR made suggestions on the current beautification projects on Hussain Sagar, Durgam Cheruvu and Gandipet lakes. The meeting further discussed works in progress for the development and beautification of lakes in and around Hyderabad.

Hmda Review Meeting

KTR reviewed the master plans prepared by consultants. He stated that the master plans should be made in a way that it retains the natural beauty of the lakes and at the same time, provides facilities to the people.

The minister approved the proposals of HMDA to build a park on the banks of Gandipet Lake. He directed officials to start the work immediately. He also instructed them to prepare plans to develop 40-kilometre walking and cycling tracks around the lake.

The minister also reviewed the status of HMDA layouts works in Kokapet. He asked officials to improve road connectivity to the Kollur and Kokapet, keeping in mind the increasing population and traffic.

KTR asked officials to ensure all amenities are available at the logistics parks. HMDA should develop logistics parks to meet the increasing demand for logistics. The parks should come over 50 acres of land so that they can cater to the future requirements of the industry, suggested KTR.

According to the minister, HMDA purview will be classified into 20 units for developing forest blocks to enhance the green cover in the city. KTR also looked into the proposals for the Hyderabad Habitat Centre, which will be constructed by HMDA. He said that the habitat centre should have all facilities to conduct art and cultural events.

The officials were told to identify locations for construction of convention centres similar to the Hitex Convention centre in areas such as Uppal and Medchal.

Soon, a high-level meeting will be called for, chaired by Minister KTR and Forest Minister. Public representatives and concerned officials under HMDA limits will take part in the meeting where an action plan to increase the green cover in the region will be discussed.

Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan, MA&UD Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar, EVDM Director Viswajit Kampati and senior officials participated in the review meeting.

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One comment on "Gandipet lake to have 40-km walking and cycling tracks"

  • We environmentalists filed PILs in the High Court on all the three lakes [Gandipet-Osmansagar Lake, drinking water source, now completing Hundred years]. With the TS formation, they started indicriminately destroying them for selfish interests.

    In the case of Osmansagar & Himayatsagar Lakes, in 1989 a GO50 was issued to protect inflows; in 1994, GO192 was issued [based on Technical Committee initial report] to protect from pollution. With final report of Technical Committee these two GOs were merged and issued as GO111 in 1996. Within few days of issuing this GO, in violatuion of GO111, government gave permission to a highly polluting industry within the GO111 area. At that time judiciary was in the hands of ruling party [all our PILs were killed]. Then approached Supreme Court. The court uphold the GO111 and put “Precautionay Principle” and said it is a violation. The court directed the government to close polluting industries Within the Go111 area. My self and (late) Prof. Naiudu [on whose name the Supreme Court judgement of December 2000 stands] were Task Force Committee members of APPCB. The committee closed all the polluting industries within GO111. However, while this process was going on the very same government broughtin Shamshabad Airport, which spead 2200 acres in to Himayatsagar Lake catchment as per GO111 to facilitate real estate ventures of ruling party leaders. We environmental groups filed a PIL in AP High Court but as usual the court favoured the government action as big wigs from the centre also were involved. We tried to approach Supreme Court but the Advocate took money and cheated us by not filing the case. Then I approached CBI with all the documents. They heard my voice for few hours and took copies from me and at the end said sorry we can’t take up the case. Then in 2007 we filed a PIL in AP High Court. This time we were lucky. The government issued a Memo accepting the GO111 in too and also agreed to bring out a “Lake Protection Authority” but instead they brought out Lake Protection Committee headed by bureaucrats. They simply watching the encroachements of lakes and dumping seewage in to the water bodies. Government named the authority to control and stop violations. They became simple spectators excepting announcing thousands of lay outs as violations. But some bureaucrats formed a group and got a report to propose killing of GO111. They refused to give us the copy of the report. Somebody gave me copy of the report with a condition. I sent my comments to the them Chief Minister. He simply dumped the report in to dustbin. Killing proposal stopped temperarily. While my PIL is still in the Court these things happening with rampent voilations. Then the state was bifurcated and they want create a Golden Telangana but unfortunately they started twin cities along with lakes as Real Estate Telangana. As part of it, they initiated indirectly to kill the GO111. As part of this Cyberabad Police announced that they will be adapting these two lakes with the same proposals as said in the present article of newsmeter. I sent a strong mail to Police Commissioner. He invited me for talk. I explained to him the motive behind this proposal. This proposal will be killing the two lakes and make the zone as adda for anto-social activities that help mining illegally established Resorts. Big illegal earnings to several government departments. On hearing my voice, he called a stake holders meet. At that meet I said the same. Police department withdrew from this project but government with the help of irrigation department going ahead with the same proposal. That means (a) killing the lakes [yesterday a report showed the pollution levels in the water as Metro water became simple spectator], (b) become an adda to anti-social activities, (c) source of real estate mafia, etc. Do people of TS wanted that type TS???

    In the case of Durgam Cheruvu, With reference to our PIL directed the government to demolish all the illegal structures come up in the FTL and Buffer zone. But officials appears have bargained and allowed to stay. In the High Tech residential area no drainage system and only sceptic tanks. During floods, this water reached the first floor. Now the government planning to make it a commercial hub around the lake [in the FTL]. — same is going to happen with Musi beautification.

    In the case of Hussainsagar Lake, I signed four PILs on behalf of FBH. Now, the illegal activities and encroachmentes are rampent. The original area of the lake used to be 5000 acres but now it is around 700 acres. Pollution control board is least bothered on the proper implementation of consent orders given to some.

    Now, the government under the disguise of beatification of water bodies establishing commercial activities with adda to anti-scial activities and creating unhygenic surroundings. Ground water is heavily contaminated. The government think that by spending thousands of crores bring water by neglecting local sources.


    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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