Girl kills mother in Hyderabad, keeps the body for 3 days

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Oct 2019 7:37 AM GMT
Girl kills mother in Hyderabad, keeps the body for 3 days

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old degree student allegedly Hyd girl killed her mother, with her boyfriend's help at Hayathnagar in the city. Not only this, the girl, P Keerthi Reddy and the boy stayed in the same house with her mother, Rajitha's body for three days. As the body began decomposing, they dumped it on the railway tracks.

After dumping the body on the tracks at Ramannapet, the girl informed her father, Srinivas Reddy, that she was going on a trip to Vizag with her friends. Srinivas, a lorry driver, returned home but couldn't find Rajitha at home. When he inquired with Keerthi, she said that she would return soon.

Later, Keerthi and her father Srinivas lodged a missing person complaint with Hayathnagar police.

The investigation into the missing case and suspicion on Keerthi unravelled the mystery.

According to police, Keerthi was in a relationship with a boy from the same village at Hayathnagar. Her mother was a housewife, and her father is a lorry driver who is away from home most of the time.

Taking advantage of her father's frequent absence at home, Hyd girl killed her mother because she and the boy began a physical relationship. On one occasion, they were caught red-handed by her mother. Her mother Rajitha warned Keerthi to stop the relationship and stay away from the boy. However, Keerthi would not listen and continued the affair.

A week ago, when Rajitha found Keerthi with the boy, she reprimanded them. Angered with this, Keerthi and the boy killed Rajitha. Even with the body in the vicinity, the duo indulged in sexual activity at their home. Three days later they dumped the body on the railway tracks at Ramannapet in Bhongir district, after which the boy left her.

It was found that after he left, Keerthi went to another boyfriend's house near her home and spent a couple of days with him. She also informed her father, who was away, that she was going on a trip with her friends.

On Thursday, when Srinivas returned home, he found the house locked with no response from Rajitha's mobile. He called Keerthi, who told him she was on a trip.

Keerthi informed Srinivas that she was returning home. After Keerthi returned home on Saturday, they lodged a missing person complaint.

While Nalgonda railway police registered a case of suspicious death after Rajitha's body was found, the missing case at Hayathnagar was altered to a murder case, and Keerthi was detained. Further investigation is underway, said, police officials.

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