Hyderabad: In a bizarre development, over 100 girls, studying at a government residential school in Jangaon district of Telangana, were allegedly punished for a preposterous reason-for taking bath!

The students had played Holi in the hostel premises and took a bath after the celebration. As the hostel was facing a water shortage, the principal became angry and punished them. The incident happened at the Kasturba Gandhi girls’ hostel at Khila Shapur in the district.

According to sources, around 120 hostellers celebrated Holi in the premises on Tuesday. Around noon, after the celebration, all of them took bath and washed their hair to remove the colors. When the principal came to know, she lined them up and beat their knuckles with brute force.

The students were warned not to report the punishment nor take it up with their parents. However, the incident was leaked to the parents, who protested at the campus demanding action against the principal.

Child rights organisations took up the issue and complained to the District Collector, who immediately initiated an inquiry. The principal has since been placed under suspension.

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