Hyderabad: Members of Federation of North-Eastern Colonies of Secunderabad (Green Sainikpuri) participated in removing a pole and a tree on Gough road in Secunderabad Cantonment. The tree and pole fell during the heavy rains in early September this year.

Many of the FNECS members, including senior citizens, several passersby and youngsters joined in the activity. The participants then used hacksaws, shears and other tools to clear a 100-metre stretch, which had turned out to be a nightmare for those using the busy route every day.

The citizens took up the responsibility of cleaning up the stretch due to a lack of response from the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) and the Military Engineer Service (MES). They also condemned the shirking of responsibility by agencies who are supposed to provide and maintain basic civic amenities in the Cantonment.

FNECS also requested the Ministry of Defence to ensure that these agencies, which are under the MoD, discharge their responsibilities to the public effectively and conscientiously.

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