Here’s is how to apply for Emergency-pass in Rachakonda limits

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  10 April 2020 12:47 PM GMT
Here’s is how to apply for Emergency-pass in Rachakonda limits

Hyderabad: To facilitate emergency services during lockdown, the Rachakonda police has come-up with an ‘Essential Services Digital Pass’. Those in need of a pass can log into the website.

To ease lockdown woes for the common public, the e-portal was launched by the Rachakonda commissionerate on March 31. Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh M. Bhagwat, while speaking to NewsMeter said, the e-portal was jointly created by additional DCP admin Shilpa Valli, IT cell and Rajesh a ‘safe city’ consultant.

Explaining, how to apply Ms Valli stated that one can apply with last four digits of their Aadhar number and purpose for stating why they need emergency pass. "Once they submit we will process and reject or accept a request based on the reason for pass. One the pass request is processed notification will be sent to the applicant and if they pass if accepted they will be provided with an option to download," she added.

Explaining how the pass works, Ms Valli said that the essential service passes are divided into three categories, individual pass, vehicle pass for organizations and employee passes.

The people applying for individual passes are usually those who need to go for dialysis and small kirana shop owners, she said. While companies which use a fleet of vehicles for transporting goods or employees can apply for the vehicle pass, organizations can also apply for pass for even a single employee critical to running essential services.

As of April 10th the Rachakonda commisionerate has accepted 1828 Pass requests and rejected 1496 pass requests.

“The validity of the passes depend on the purpose of travel. While medical passes would be valid for a day, transport lorry pass would be valid until the lockdown is lifted,” she said.

The digital pass will be attached with a QR code and police at the check posts can scan it and check validity. The route to be taken, the distance and other personal details will be mentioned in the pass.

“Anyone found violating social distance norms or any other lockdown norms by the check post police while travelling with the digital pass, will be marked invalid. The QR code will become invalid after the pass is invalidated,” she said. The feature has been rolled up from April 10th.

Rachakonda police has also launched a free pickup and drop service for dialysis, checkup, blood transfusion of thalassemia patients and senior citizens, single women, physically challenged going for medical checkup or to avail financial services. Rachakonda Corona control room can be reached at 9490617234 to avail these benefits.

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