Human sacrifice attempted for hidden treasure in Chittoor

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 May 2020 10:51 AM GMT
Human sacrifice attempted for hidden treasure in Chittoor

Chittoor: In a shocking incident, a group of people tried to sacrifice a human to take possession of a hidden treasure at an isolated place near Vaddikandriga village in SR Puram mandal, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh.

Though the attempt took place on May 15, it came to light on Thursday when the police registered a case following a complaint from the locals.

The police said that Seshadri and his wife, Subbamma, decided to offer their relative, R. Sarojamma (58), who is a deaf and dumb , as sacrifice to get some hidden treasure. They lured Sarojamma by offering some amount on the pretext of performing some puja.

On May 15, Seshadri and Subbamma, along with few others, took Sarojamma to an isolated place and they performed some pujas at a place where they believed there was a hidden treasure.

However, Sarojamma sensed danger after she noticed sharp-edged weapons at the place. She managed to flee from the place and informed her son and a few others with gestures. The locals in the village tried to suppress the incident by offering some amount to victim's family members.

However, on Wednesday night, Sarojamma's son, Narasimhulu, and a few others lodged a complaint with the police seeking action against Seshadri and Subbamma and the remaining of the group.

The police registered a case and took few people into their custody and began investigation.

The atheists in Andhra Pradesh demanded severe action against those who attempted to offer human sacrifice. They also faulted the government for failing to promote scientific temper among the masses.

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