Huzurnagar victory: It’s a tonic for TRS govt, says KCR

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  24 Oct 2019 4:03 PM GMT
Huzurnagar victory: It’s a tonic for TRS govt, says KCR

Highlights of Huzurnagar Victory

  • Municipal elections by November
  • CM’s thanks-giving meeting at Huzurnagar on Sunday; 50,000-voter turnout to TRS

Hyderabad: The Huzurnagar by-election results made TRS supremo and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao more confident of his welfare schemes and development programmes. The Huzurnagar victory came as a breather for TRS. The Telangana Chief Minister will participate in a thanks-giving meeting at Huzurnagar on Sunday and may announce boons to the people.

“It’s calculated thinking of Huzurnagar voters amid general negative propaganda of opposition parties against TRS party. The majority of over 43,000 have confirmed the turning out of 50,000 voters to TRS for Huzurnagar Victory. We’ll implement 100 per cent of our promises, and we know the problem of tail-end farmers under Sagar ayacut. I will visit Huzurnagar on Sunday to thank the people of the constituency,” said KCR.

The TRS supremo congratulated party MLC and Huzurnagar Assembly election in-charge Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, leaders of party and voters for the party candidate Saidi Reddy’s win.

Giving an example of bad politics of opposition parties, KCR said that they complained to the Governor to inspect the helicopter, by which I was supposed to visit Huzurnagar. “What the opposition parties think? Will the Chief Minister carry huge boxes of currency notes in the helicopter,” said KCR.

The opposition parties made nasty propaganda against TRS when the new state was under reconstruction mode. “Congress and BJP didn’t have a clear agenda and resorted to personal criticism. They didn’t make any constructive criticism. That’s why Huzurnagar people rejected them. Some parties tried to get the by-election postponed, and so I advise all opposition parties to play a constructive role in democracy. Telangana voters are mature and analyse everything on politics. For instance, Huzurnagar people discussed Kaleshwaram project and its benefits,” remarked the CM.

After Telangana state formation, KCR said TRS government has been working constructively for the state economy. “The TRS government first focused on power, drinking water, irrigation, etc. Barring few villages under Singuru water project, the drinking water situation is good in the state. Major projects, including Kaleshwaram, are completed. Sitarama and Devadula are nearing completion.

Municipal elections by November

The Telangana government is working on a new revenue act. “The state government is giving Rs 339 crore funding support to Gram Panchayats in the state every year. The Rs 1,030-crore grant from the Centre is given to municipalities. The state government will also match the equal amount taking the total to Rs 2,060 crore to all municipalities. We expect notification for municipal elections very soon, maybe in the next three-four days. Anyway, we’ll complete the municipal elections by November,” added the Chief Minister.

KCR further said that the state government would take up Pattana Pragati programme on the lines of Palle Pragati.

Responding to a question on entering states where Telanganites are more in number, the TRS supremo said that he doesn’t have time to take care of Telangana’s administration, let alone other states. “Yes, leaders from neighbouring Maharashtra requested me to take TRS to their places. People in districts like Yavatmal, Chandrapur and Nanded asked me to contest in elections there. I told them it’s not an easy task. However, in future, we may think of places like Sholapur and Bhivandi,” maintained KCR.

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