Hyderabad: As it poured in the city and people ran for cover, a man lay still on a pavement in the streets of Keshav Giri here. Local people said they had seen the man, later identified as Shekhar, at the same spot for three days. However, when they saw him laying still despite such heavy rains, they decided to call the police.

B. Mahesh, a constable at the Chandrayangutta police station, reached the spot along with home guard M.D Sayeed. They dragged the shivering Shekhar out of the streets and into their van.

"We found out that he had not been taking food from anyone for the past three days. So, we gave him food, water, and a new set of clothes," said the constable.

In videos released by the police, the constable can be seen patting the old man with a towel and changing him into a new set of clothes.

The policemen later called 108 and sent him to Osmania General Hospital. But he has still not heard from the hospital about his condition.

"He did not speak much. But when we put him in the van, he muttered that his name was Shekhar," constable Mahesh added.

The police disclosed that the constable was thanked by the Home Minister Mahmood Ali for helping out the citizens and doing his duty well.

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