4 held for selling fake gold biscuits, Rs. 8L seized

The sleuths of the Special Operation Team, Shamshabad zone, busted a fake gold racket on 4 March and arrested four...

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 March 2021 11:07 AM GMT
fake gold biscuits

Hyderabad: The sleuths of the Special Operation Team, Shamshabad zone, busted a fake gold racket on 4 March and arrested four persons for cheating people by promising to give gold biscuits at cheaper rate. They seized 11 fake gold biscuits weighing 5.85 kg and Rs. 8,00,000 cash from the accused.

The arrested persons have been identified as Syed Dasthagiri Ahmed (65), Shaik Hafeez (46), Ali Akber Tayyabi (50), and Mirza Abbas Ali Sajjad (46). All are residents of Hyderabad. Another accused, Abdul Faheem (48), is absconding.

The police had received a complaint from one of the victims who had bought fake gold from the gang. The person got to know that Mirza Abbas and Ali Akbar Tayyabi were selling gold at a low price. On 1 March, he met the two accused men who told the victim they had 6 kg gold biscuits. They offered to sell the gold for Rs. 40,000 per tula. The two men gave the victim a gold biscuit weight about 20 tulas and the latter paid Rs. 50,000 for the same. However, when he got the gold inspected, he found that it was fake.

A hidden treasure and a scam

According to the police, Syed Dasthagiri Ahmed is an RMP doctor in Old Mallepally. He allegedly performs black magic and dupes people into believing that he will unearth gold treasure. He targeted victims who visited his clinic.

Mirza Abbas Ali Sajjad lives at Miralam mandi along with his family. A few days ago, his mother dreamed that undiscovered hidden wealth would lead to her death. Syed Dasthagiri Ahmed visited Mirza's house and convinced him that his mother's dream was true. He further claimed that there was gold hidden in his house. He agreed to perform a special "pooja" to unearth the gold but said it would cost him Rs. 3-5 lakhs. Mirza agreed to pay Rs. 3 lakhs initially and pay the rest after the pooja.

Syed Dasthagiri Ahmed collected brass biscuits with gold coating from Abdul Faheem. On the day of the pooja, he dug around five pits in Mirza's home and put the fake gold biscuits in one of the pits and covered it with soil. After the pooja, he dug the pit and unearthed the gold he had hidden earlier. He prohibited Mirza or his family members from touch it saying it had spiritual powers and people would die. He wrapped the gold in a cloth and gave it to Mirza for safe custody.

However, when Mirza opened the cloth he found brass biscuits. He questioned Syed Dasthagiri Ahmed who said Mirza had opened it before time and the gold had turned into brass. To cover the loss, Mirza along and others hatched a plan to cheat innocent people by selling fake gold biscuits at a low price.

The police have appealed to the public and asked them not to believe any person who promises to provide gold biscuits at cheaper rates. No pooja or tantric can find hidden treasure, they warned.

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