Airport metro rail: Miyapur Patancheru stretch to go via flyovers

NVS Reddy also held a meeting with NH officials at Metro Rail Bhavan to address the engineering challenges

By Kaniza Garari  Published on  10 July 2024 2:07 PM GMT
Airport metro rail: Miyapur Patancheru stretch to go via flyovers

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Airport Metro Ltd (HAML) MD Mr.NVS Reddy along with HAML engineering team and GC (SYSTRA) engineering experts inspected Miyapur-Patancheru and LB Nagar-Hayatnagar Metro Phase-II corridors; and Mailardevpally-Aramghar-New High Court spur line which are on the National Highways in the last couple of days. He also held a meeting with NH officials at Metro Rail Bhavan to address the engineering challenges due to the presence of existing flyovers and new flyovers under construction in these routes.

The proposed solutions are as under:

* LB Nagar-Hayatnagar Metro Phase-II corridor (around 7 km) will be built as an extension of the existing Metro viaduct at LB Nagar Jn between the 2 existing flyovers of GHMC.

* The alignment of the corridor will be in the central median from LB Nagar Jn upto the proposed Chintalkunta Metro station. *From Chintalkunta upto Hayatnagar, the Metro alignment will be in the left side service road in view of the 4 new flyovers being constructed by NH authorities.

The engineering drawings of the under construction flyovers and the Metro Rail pillars, viaduct and stations will be reconciled by both authorities to avoid any possible conflicts.

Six metro stations

The location of some of the 6 proposed Metro stations in this corridor will be slightly readjusted in such a way that they can be accessed easily from both sides of the NH in a seamless way across the flyovers.

* In Miyapur-Patancheru Metro corridor (around 13 km), the Metro viaduct is proposed to be built by and large in the central median of NH except at BHEL Jn.

* Further, since a long flyover of about 1.2 km is being planned at Gangaram (Madinaguda area) by NH authorities, both HAML and NH engineers would explore the feasibility of jointly constructing a double-decker flyover-cum-Metro viaduct for this length, in view of the relatively narrow stretch and presence of underground/overhead utilities on both sides of the road and a big religious structure on the right side in this stretch.

* HAML will prepare and submit a typical cross section drawing of the double-decker arrangement with NH flyover at the lower level and Metro viaduct at the top level for approval of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

* At the under-construction flyover at BHEL Jn, Metro alignment will be taken to the left side of the flyover, duly integrating the proposed BHEL Metro station with the TGSRTC bus stop at BHEL Jn.

* In the Mailardevpally and New High Court spur line (over 5 km) which takes off at Mailardevpally Jn from Nagole-LB Nagar-Shamshabad Airport Metro corridor, the Metro alignment will initially be on the left side of the PVNR Expressway at Aramghar. It will then be taken to the right side (Agriculture University side) at a suitable location between PVNR Expressway and the Agriculture University flyover.

EnC R&B (NH Incharge) Mr.I.Ganapathi Reddy, SE, NH Mr.P. Dharma Reddy; HAML Chief Project Manager Mr.B.Anand Mohan, SE Mr.Y.Sayapa Reddy, GMs Mr.B.N.Rajeshwar & Mr.M.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy; and other senior engineers participated in the coordination meeting.

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