Blaring sirens at Lower Tank Bund: Concerned citizen sends SOS to Consul Generals of US, Iran

A concerned citizen pens down his thoughts

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 Nov 2022 5:47 AM GMT
Blaring sirens at Lower Tank Bund: Concerned citizen sends SOS to Consul Generals of US, Iran

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Your Excellency Consul Generals of United States and Iran

Hope you're well. I'm a resident of Lower Tank Bund in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad City Police creates a ruckus every midnight for one hour constantly blaring sirens in Lower Tank Bund. Presumably to clear the space of the public. Since they cannot morally police the public, they resort to increasing the blood pressure of the members of the public and residents in and around the Tank Bund area by constantly blaring sirens in the hope that the public clears the space by themselves.

You're from the United States and Iran - countries whose cities are known to be world-renowned for their beauty. Do the police in Washington DC or Tehran blare their sirens to evict the public at midnight or does the government allow the citizens to enjoy the beauty of the city at all hours of the day?

In India, we like to think of our cities as becoming world-class. In reality, we have a police force that is not bothered about illegal parking and encroachments but is VERY concerned about citizens lawfully moving around after midnight - especially. What is the point of CM of Telangana creating a world-class boulevard there if the public cannot be there 24 x 7? Cities globally have no restriction on citizen movement all through the day in all parts of the city - especially in its iconic areas.

I look forward to the Consul General of the United States and the Consul General of Iran visit to the roads around Hussein Sagar lake at midnight every day and hear the incessant blaring of sirens by Hyderabad Police.

Excellencies would wish to be back in the cities of their respective countries rather than Hyderabad whose police are intent on destroying its nighttime peace by incessantly blaring sirens.

Thanks and regards

A Resident in Lower Tank Bund


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