Hyderabad: Mohd Ghouse Pasha (26), who was jailed for the sensational theft of diamond-studded three-tier golden tiffin box, gold cup and saucer, spoons, and other artifacts in September 2018, was arrested by the sleuths of Rajendranagar PS and the Special Operation Team, Shamshabad Zone, Cyberabad on Monday. Mohd Ghouse Pasha was released in August 2020 and had reportedly gone back to his old ways of breaking into houses and stealing valuables. The police recovered stolen gold items worth 50 tulas from him.

Ghouse Pasha is a Class 7 dropout. He committed his first offense in 2011. He was so far involved in about 14 house burglary and theft cases and automobile thefts. He is also said to be involved in one robbery case and two attempt-to-murder cases.

Last time he was arrested along with Mohd Mubeen in the month of Sepember-2018 by South Zone Task Force and Mirchowk Police in sensational case of theft of precious artefacts-Gold Tiffin box, Gold Cup & Saucer, Gold spoon and Holy Quran gold casing from H.E.H Nizam museum and was released in the month of August-2020.

Modus Operandi

The investigation has found that Mohd Ghouse Pasha does not include other offenders while committing the crime. Case studies have shown that he recces the place prior to the crime and keeps housebreaking equipment i.e., rod and cutting player inside his trouser and screwdrivers in his shirt pocket while searching houses.

He identifies locked houses in upmarket colonies and especially targets independent houses. The latter breaks into the house through the windows. He only takes away gold ornaments and cash, Cops said.

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