Case against BJP Goshamahal candidate Raja Singh for 'objectionable words' in campaign speech

Raja Singh is one of the politicians with the highest number of criminal cases registered.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Nov 2023 1:32 PM GMT
Case against BJP Goshamahal candidate Raja Singh for objectionable words in campaign speech

Hyderabad: A case has been registered against Raja Singh, the BJP MLA candidate from Goshamahal constituency, for alleged hate speech during a meeting held at Agarwal Bhavan, Maharajgunj in Hyderabad. The meeting was held on November 14 as part of the BJP’s election campaign for the ensuing Telangana Assembly elections.

According to the complainant, Raja Singh’s speech during the meeting contained ‘objectionable words’ circulating in social media. The speech, currently available on the Twitter account of Hindutva Watch, allegedly stated that Raja Singh claimed ‘the fight between love Jihadis and Hindu daughters has been has been going on for years.’ The complaint alleged his statements are highly objectionable and promote enmity between the two communities.

Among the MLA candidates across all parties in Telangana, Raja Singh is one of the politicians with the highest number of criminal cases registered.

According to the election affidavit submitted by Raja Singh, 95 per cent of the cases are for hurting religious feelings, while others are for assaulting public servants on duty and fines. The criminal records go up to 11 pages in the affidavit. His affidavit has the maximum downloads compared to others.

Raja Singh faced suspension

MLA Raja Singh was earlier suspended from the BJP for making objectionable comments against a particular religion. He was jailed for 75 days for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammed in August 2022. Although the Telangana High Court granted him conditional bail and directed him not to make inflammatory comments, many have been complaining that he continues to spread hate against the Muslim community.

Recently, he had allegedly urged Hindu women not to become friends with ‘burqa-wearing women.’ The video of the incident went viral across social media platforms, forcing the BJP to suspend him from the party.

In another meeting at Adilabad, he allegedly said, “Whoever has a tilak on his forehead is my brother and a Hindu. I will befriend only people who sport a tilak. Our women, please do not become friends with burqa-wearing women. There was a time when we were under threat from Aftab, but now there is a threat from Ayesha as well. These are the Ayeshas who are introducing (Hindu) women to Aftabs.”

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