Coming soon: India's first indoor skydiving facility in Hyderabad

Founded by cousins, Ram Meda and Sushil Reddy Meda, the duo's main aim is to make the dream of flying a reality for common people.

By Misha Rajani  Published on  11 March 2022 5:27 AM GMT
Coming soon: Indias first indoor skydiving facility in Hyderabad

Folks, pace yourself for some adventure in Hyderabad! Thanks to GravityZip, the city will soon have a first-of-its-kind indoor skydiving facility.

GravityZip is all set to offer the sensation of flying high and simulated free fall from next month. It will be the first of its kind facility in India, Founded by cousins, Ram Meda and Sushil Reddy Meda, the duo's main aim is to make the dream of flying a reality for common people.

"Skydiving is extremely expensive, and most people do not have adequate training and experience. However, indoor skydiving is safer, less expensive, and provides individuals with proper training and experience. Here, people don't need a plane or parachute to experience flying, they just have to ride freely in the wind tunnel," says Ram.

The facility will come up at Gandipet near CBIT. "Ram and I have spent a considerable amount of our lives in the States. Our children love outdoor activities and enjoy skydiving. This brought about the idea of opening something similar in the city, our first home. We were born and raised in Hyderabad and wanted to bring the experience and thrill of indoor skydiving to the city. Telangana government has always been supportive of such activities. So we knew it was a great place to set our venture," says Sushil

Sushil says that setting up this sport is like setting up an industry. "It is a combination of thermodynamic, aerodynamic, steel, and concrete. The sport is housed inside a huge cylindrical tunnel that is 23-ft tall, made of quality glass, and the wind speed, which varies from person to person, is influenced by time and weather," he says.

Safety however remains a big concern in such a facility. Sushil assures that their safety gear is top-notch and the team comprises certified tunnel instructor trainers who brief individuals about the process.

"Our staff is well trained. They are certified trainers from Europe. They hold a training session and explain about the process and basic signs used for communication while inside the tunnel," Ram says.

Sushil adds that the turbines in the tunnel have been placed at a safe distance so that individuals can fly to the height they are comfortable with. "The tunnel has also been inspected by the Indian Airforce and that they are satisfied with its structure, design, and safety measures," he says.

While the price is yet to be finalized, this 40 min experience comprising gearing up, training, pre-loading chamber, and the flight is priced somewhere Rs 2,000-Rs 3,000.

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