Hyderabad: In the war against spurious and expired seeds, the teams of SOT Shamshabad Zone seized 1.5 tonnes of BG II cotton seeds from a goods vehicle at Shadnagar toll plaza, and a team of SOT Balanagar Zone seized 1.54 tonnes of spurious BG III cotton seeds during a raid on a house. As much as 14.4 tonnes of expired maize, paddy, and bajra seeds were also seized from the cold storage at Gubba cold storage. The total cost of the seized spurious and expired seeds is said to be Rs 2.07 crores.

The accused have been named Kanala Mahesh (39), Gollapedda Doddanna (37), and Chakali Jayanna (35) who were apprehended at the Shadnagar toll booth. During the raid on the house, the house owner, Shaik Kalesha Vali, a spurious seeds seller, was arrested. The other accused are Pulyala Ravi (43), Pedhi Purnachander (51), and Shaik Ghouse Lajam (39).

According to the police, the operation was run through two companies, Invicta Agritech India and Deccan Core Crops Science. Every year, during the sowing season, Shaik Kalesha Vali would observe the market, analyse and shortlist the companies whose seeds have a demand in the market. Then he would approach Kanala Mahesh for procuring rejected seeds from farmers at a cheaper rate.

Kanala who has experience procuring seeds would approach different organisers like Gollapedda Doddanna who would contact local farmers for their rejected seeds. Kanala Mahesh and Shiva Shankar would sell the same to Shaik Kalesha Vali for a commission. After procurement of the seeds, Shaik Kalesha Vali would prepare fake seed pouches of different companies and sell them in the market through mediators and to farmers directly.

The police requested the farmers to call 9490617444 in case they come across any spurious or expired seeds.

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