Hyderabad: The Gachibowli Police arrested a couple who have stolen gold ornaments from unconscious patients or from persons who had died from COVID-19 at the TIMS Hospital Kukatpally. They recovered 16 tulas of gold ornaments, 80 tulas of silver anklets and a Samsung cell phone, all worth to around Rs 10 lakhs. The accused, Chinthalapally Raju (36) and Chinthalapally Lathasri (39), used to work for the patient care section of the hospital.

They have been married since 2017 and were living in Rajiv Gruhakalpa with their children. Both noticed the gold ornaments on patients while they were working at TIMS. They hatched a plan to rob them. They would find out the health conditions of each patient from the records and approach the most vulnerable. While Raju stole Lathasri keep a watch on the outside.

They had mortgaged some of the ornaments with Muthoot Finance and also sold them at Attica Gold Company and spent the amount for their lavish expenses. The remaining gold was also mortgaged with one Ashok of Jagdamba Jewellers at Jagadgirigutta and was spent lavishly.

On reliable information, the Gachibowli Police with the support of Jagadgirigutta and CCS Police Cyberabad arrested them on Thursday and upon interrogation they both have confessed to having committed the offenses.

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