Hyderabad: Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, Cyberabad police have issued dos and don'ts for gated communities to prevent the spread of infection.

Under the SOPs, police have called for monitoring entry and exit of maids, cooks, housekeeping, security staff, and visitors. Police have called for checking the temperature of visitors at the main gate.

"Ensure periodical COVID19 testing of all the staff," said the police.

Police said those with symptoms should be immediately isolated without waiting for test results.

"Daily health updates of the gated communities should be maintained to keep track of the COVID19 positive patients and extend required support to them with respect to daily needs through its vendor partners for providing door deliveries of essentials," police said.

Police have asked the gated community to provide individual garbage bins for the quarantined flats with dedicated housekeeping staff to clear them at a designated time and place.

Police have also advised closing all public gatherings and contact places like club houses, gymnasiums, swimming pools in the gated communities to prevent the spread of COVID.

Police have asked the residents to be empathetic with the COVID positive patients and their families.

Police have also asked the communities to earmark space for vendors to sell their goods by following the physical distance norms.

Police said their teams and patrol vehicles will visit to monitor and advise the communities on various measures to be followed from time to time.

Police have asked the communities to contact GHMC helpline- 0402111111 for sanitization requirements.

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