Cyberabad 'Dial 100' teams save women from alcoholic husbands, domestic abuse

On 3 March, the Miyapur Dial 100 team received a call from an unknown person stating that a drunk man was taking videos and photos in front of the women’s hostel.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 April 2021 3:53 AM GMT
Cyberabad Dial 100 teams save women from alcoholic husbands, domestic abuse

Hyderabad: On 3 March, the Miyapur Dial 100 team received a call from an unknown person stating that a drunk man was taking videos and photos in front of the women's hostel. Within five minutes, the team reached the location and took the man into custody and registered a case against him.

The same day Miyapur Dial 100 team received another call from a woman who said a stranger was following her car on a motorbike. She also informed her parents of the same. When she reached home her father questioned the man but he only moved himself to the end of the street and continued to loiter. The woman's father noted his bike number and informed Miyapur Dial 100 team. Within minutes the team traced the bike number, reached the location, and took him into custody. A case was registered against the man.

The Cyberabad Dial 100 domestic violence response teams received 227 complaints in the month of March. Of these, 59 were related to alcoholics while 48 were regarding family issues and eight on domestic violence.

Cyberabad Dial 100 teams were launched on 24 June 2020. Six such teams are working in the Cyberabad police commissionerate to protect women and children from domestic violence. Each team consists of an assistant sub-inspector or HC or senior police constable as the team in charge, one constable, and a female officer who works 24X7.

The 227 complaints last month were received from women through different means like DG control room, direct calls, and through police stations. All complaints were acted upon and disposed of.

Besides complaints from women regarding domestic abuse and family troubles, other complaints were regarding issues with neighbors (13), harassment (6), infidelity (7), eve-teasing (9), property (5), nuisance on roads (3), and petty issues (47). Five cases were registered while the remaining petitions were disposed of with a warning, by providing counselling, or referring them to Bharosa or the police station.

Also, 42 alcohol-addicted husbands and their parents and spouses were given counselling by Alcoholic Anonymous counsellors.

Procedure followed at Bharosa

Petitioner can approach Bharosa through direct walk-in or through references from CP office and local police station, or via WhatsApp. Depending upon the physical and mental condition of the petitioner/complainant, the case will be referred to a social counsellor, clinical psychotherapist, or legal counsellor. Bharosa will help the complainant fill the application along with a separate petition/complaint written at Bharosa.

Case will be studied by the counsellor. Individual counselling will be given to the petitioner/complainant by the counsellor.

Bharosa will call the respondent and the opposite party. First, a combined counselling session will be organized by the counsellor.

Depending on the case history, the next date for combined counselling will be given.

If more counselling sessions are needed, session dates will be given or else the case will be closed by reuniting the parties or referring them to a police station or psychologist. Sometimes a legal move is suggested like divorce.

Remarks will be entered in the Bharosa application for closure.

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