Hyderabad: The Cyberabad traffic police on Sunday clarified that they have the power to seize vehicles for non-payment of challans.

This comes after false news claiming that the Telangana High Court has said the traffic police have no powers to seize vehicles for non-payment of challans started circulating on social media.

The Cyberabad traffic police clarified that the High Court has issued no such order and that some persons have been issuing misleading statements in the media and social media, creating confusion among the public.

The traffic police said that in an order dated 11 August, while disposing of a writ petition, the High Court had directed the writ petitioner to submit a fresh application to the police seeking the release of a vehicle. Accordingly, the said person had appeared before the Rajendranagar traffic police on 19 August and paid the pending challan online as per Rule 167 of the CMVRs 1989. The vehicle was then released.

However, the writ petitioner had hidden these facts and issued misleading statements by misquoting the High Court orders. This is an intentional spreading of false news, it added. The Cyberabad traffic police are considering taking legal action against the said person.

It further said that as per Rule 167 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, the police are authorized to detain a vehicle that has a pending traffic violation challan which is more than 90 days old and regarding which the vehicle owner has been intimated by the police at least once either electronically or by phone.

The traffic police further added that it is the duty of the vehicle owners to regularly check whether their vehicle has been driven in contravention of any traffic rules and if there are any traffic violation challans issued against their vehicle. They should verify the evidence and pay the penalty. If they notice any discrepancies in the challans, they can report the same to the authorities online which will be verified and rectified, if any.

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