Hyderabad: Licences of 25 people have been suspended or canceled in 2021. Around 25453 drunken driving (DD) cases were registered in Hyderabad city this year.

Compared to 2020(6,588 DD cases), there has been a huge increase in DD cases in 2021(25,453 DD cases).

All those found involved in DD have been booked under section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A penalty of Rs. 10000 or imprisonment up to 6 months is for the first offense. There is a penalty of Rs. 15000 or imprisonment up to 2 years for the second or subsequent offense.

Also, all their driving licenses will be seized and sent to the concerned RTOs for suspension as per section 19 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Police said for the first offense, the driving license (DL) will be suspended for 3 months. For the second and subsequent offenses, the DL will be revoked permanently making the person ineligible to drive in India.

Meanwhile, out of total cases of drunken driving in 2021, charge sheets have been filed only in 10,109 cases. Around 206 people have been sent to jail. Also, Rs 10,49,61,000 fine has been collected by the court.


In 2021, a total of 1961 accidents have been reported in Hyderabad City limits. Of which, 278 were fatal accidents. Around 2060 people were injured in these accidents. Of whom 350 were grievous injuries.

In the city, 620 pedestrians got injured in road accidents. 86 of them lost their lives.

Traffic Violation

A total of 70,03,012 cases of traffic violation has been reported in Hyderabad city limits in 2021. Of which, 53,01,994 violations were registered against persons without wearing helmets.

Around 1,93,703 cases have been booked for wrong side driving, 1,16,000 violations have registered for triple riding and 90,096 for over speeding, 25,453 for drunken driving, 41,596 cases for signal jumping, 35, 425 for cell phone driving, 18,155 for modification of silencers, 5,268 for extra passengers, and 3,418 cases if minor driving. Also, 87 cases of improper or without number plates have been booked.

Covid19 enforcement

Police have fined 1,91,171 people for not wearing masks in 2021. Police also booked 52,025 cases for disobedience of lockdown under the disaster management act while 49,291 cases for disobedience of lockdown orders under section 179/177 of the Motor Vehicle act.

It should be mentioned that eight traffic police personnel were injured in road accidents while on duty.

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