'Empty vessels make lots of noise': KTR on state BJP leaders

KTR responded to queries on IIIT Basar row, farmer suicides and metro expansion among others.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 Aug 2022 2:20 PM GMT
Empty vessels make lots of noise: KTR on state BJP leaders

Hyderabad: Telangana minister for industries and commerce K.T Rama Rao on 5 August hit out at the state BJP leaders and said empty vessels make a lot of noise. He was answering a question posed by a Twitter user during the #AskKTR Twitter session on Thursday.

The user tweeted, "Telangana BJP leaders are flaming with their mouths and campaigning, why are the TRS leaders keeping quiet?"

Another Twitter user asked whether it was not disrespectful of the CM to not welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Hyderabad. KTR responded, "Where did we disrespect honourable PM? The protocol clearly states that the honourable CM need not attend if the PM is on an unofficial or private visit."

Another Twitter user asked KTR his opinion on Mr. Modi's remark about freebie culture. He asked, "In a country like India where the economic imbalance is largely high, freebies in limit are part and parcel of governance. How do you see Modi's blame on freebies? Also, not to forget the same govt gifted ₹10 Lakh Crore bad loans!"

To this, KTR replied, "Modi is opposed to helping people but is okay waiving loans of corporates worth Rs. 12 lakhs crores. It's a matter of perspectives and priorities."

To a query on why no action was taken against the people who protested against Nupur Sharma's speech, KTR replied, "What Nupur Sharma did had brought shame on this great Nation & made us look bad to the world. For anyone to support a bigot like her is even more shameful."

KTR also responded to some queries on IIIT Basar row, farmer suicides, and metro expansion among others.

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