Food inspections in Secunderabad’s Vivaha Bhojanambu found ‘expired’ rice

Vivaha Bhojanambu, a restaurant owned by Tollywood actor Sundeep Kishan, revealed several food safety violations

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  10 July 2024 9:43 AM GMT
Food Inspections in Secunderabad’s Vivaha Bhojanambu found ‘expired’ rice

Hyderabad: A recent inspection by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Task Force at Vivaha Bhojanambu, a restaurant owned by Tollywood actor Sundeep Kishan, revealed several food safety violations.

Key Findings

Expired Rice and Synthetic Colors: Inspectors discovered a 25kg bag of Chittimutyalu rice with a "Best Before" date of 2022 and 500 grams of coconut grates containing synthetic food colors. Both items were discarded on-site.

Improper Storage: Raw and semi-prepared foods were stored in steel containers that were covered but lacked proper labeling. Additionally, some dustbins in the restaurant were found without lids, raising concerns about hygiene.

Lack of Medical Certification: The restaurant failed to provide medical fitness certificates for its food handlers, a critical requirement for ensuring the health and safety of employees and customers alike.

Water Issues: Inspectors observed stagnant water in the kitchen drains, and there was no water analysis report for the bubble water used in food preparation and served to customers.

Hygiene Practices and Pest Control

Despite the violations, inspectors noted that food handlers were adhering to hygiene standards by wearing hairnets and uniforms. Pest control records for the premises were also up to date.

Compliance and Safety Measures

The FSSAI license's true copy was displayed at the premises, indicating some level of regulatory compliance. However, the inspection highlighted several areas that require immediate attention.

Authorities have instructed Vivaha Bhojanambu to address these issues promptly to avoid further action and ensure the health and safety of their patrons.

Vivaha Bhojanambu Statement on Food Safety Inspection

"We acknowledge the recent inspection by food safety officials at our Secunderabad outlet. Vivaha Bhojanambu has maintained high food safety standards for the past 8 years, consistently delivering quality food without any safety concerns. Many of the pictures circulating on social media are not of our kitchen. The Chittimutyalu Rice bag without an expiry date was a sealed sample from our vendor, intended for quality assessment and not used in cooking. The bag was sealed, and this was confirmed by the inspecting officials. The picture showing stagnant water was taken during the cleaning of utensils after the peak lunch hour, and in reality, the water was flowing towards the drain outlet. Our kitchen is cleaned hourly, similar to how home kitchens are managed.

We also want to mention that we do not use any taste enhancers like Hajinomoto, Dalda, or food colors. The circulating images showing these items are not from our kitchen, and we condemn this vehemently. The officials identified very few minor issues unrelated to cooking and safety, which we are addressing promptly. We assure our patrons that Vivaha Bhojanambu does not compromise and remains committed to upholding the highest food safety and quality standards." Their clarification statement read.

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