Hyderabad:The rains have created two major problems for commuters taking the Salarjung bridge, also known as the Shivaji bridge: the foul smell from garbage being dumped nearby and slippery roads.

Commuters say the garbage which holds various deadly insects and mosquitoes and spread diseases have created a toxic environment with its foul smell. During the pandemic where many are dying of COVID-19, if the garbage dumping location is not moved to some other place, the situation will become more dangerous, they said. Commuters are finding it difficult to cross the bridge during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, for the many families living in Imlibun Park, located on the eastern side beside the dumping yard, life has become difficult. The foul smell and insects and mosquitoes have made it impossible for visitors to visit these homes.

"Many people from different cities come to visit their relatives and for other works to MGBS which is located on the northern side of the dumping yard. However, the hazardous situation has created many difficulties for these people. It is also inconveniencing visitors and tourists who come to Charminar and Salar Jung Museum located on the southern side," said Mohammed Ahmed, the vice-president of TDP's minority cell.

He added that improper maintenance of the dumping yard has become a disaster to the people of the locality. People of the area and the Old City are suffering from viral diseases such as malaria and dengue and accidents are occurring on the bridge due to the garbage, he said.

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