Hyderabad: Residents of Methodist Colony came to know that they were part of the Ameerpet ward when they went to exercise their franchise in the last GHMC elections in 2016.

Those who assumed that they were part of Somajiguda were told that geographies and boundaries do not matter.

We would like the contestants aspiring to serve the people of the Ameerpet ward this year to handle the issues that confront us residents. In the paragraphs that follow, I have listed a few of our worries and suggestions which we hope the contestants will tackle and heed, respectively.

First, parking in the lanes and bylanes. In fact, we had suggested that those who park their cars in the common spaces should be charged twice the property tax. Second, we propose that unauthorised shops and commercial establishments should not be allowed to function. Third, the concurrence of the resident welfare associations (RWAs) of the wards should be taken for any developmental activity. We also suggest that ward development plan with defined priorities for roads, parks, and parking areas should be made with the involvement of residents.

A tank or reservoir is needed to regulate the water supply in the area as some of the areas are at the tail-end of the supply network. GHMC sanitation staff should interact regularly with the residents and RWAs. All the line staff of GHMC, water board, the police, electricity department, and Metro should conduct a monthly meeting at the ward-level along with the corporator.

Also, advisory committees of citizens comprising women, senior citizens, youth, and eminent citizens should be constituted as per the new Municipal Act. We also suggest that a part of the property tax collected from the area be spent in the ward itself. Besides these, the police patrol should interact with the residents.

Educational institutions like St. Francis and Chinmaya school should have staggered timings and allow the use of their parking space for mutual use whenever programmes are organised. St. Francis should open an entrance from the Begumpet railway station side to reduce the traffic jam on the main road adjacent to Lifestyle.

Rainwater harvesting structures in the area should also be increased and a mini Setwin bus service from the colony areas and Ameerpet launched.

Major Shiva Kiran

Major Shiva Kiran is a resident ward no. 98, Ameerpet

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