Hyderabad: Rachakonda Police on Sunday have arrested three persons including a Ghatkesar police home guard for extorting Rs 20,000 and allowing a lorry driver involved in a fatal road accident to escape.

The home guard's role came to light after Ghatkesar police nabbed the accused lorry driver. The driver revealed that he had paid Rs 20,000 to the home guard.

Police have arrested Bandarapu Shiva, the home guard driver at Ghatkesar Police Station. Other accused have been identified as Elijarla Balaraju and Dima Srinu.

On Thursday, Jajula Narasimha, who was driving a lorry, allegedly hit a car killing its driver.

Bandarapu Shiva, who was driving a police patrol vehicle, reached the spot. He asked the lorry driver to park his vehicle at a faraway spot as no one has witnessed the incident.

In the meantime, Balraj, who was earlier working as a home guard at Vanathalipuram police station called up Shiva. He along with his friend Srinu wanted to talk about the release of an auto-rickshaw seized a year ago.

Shiva instructed him to meet the lorry driver and send his details and other particulars. Balraj and Srinu went to the lorry driver and introduced themselves as police and took his details.

Shiva later told Balraj to let the lorry driver go after he pays Rs. 20,000.

Balraj took the money from the accused driver and left the spot. He gave Rs 15000 to the home guard and kept Rs 5000 as his share.

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