Hyderabad’s 22-year-old Naina Jaiswal is youngest woman in India get PhD

Having completed her 10th grade at the age of just 8, she passed her Intermediate when she was 10 years old

By Nikisha Uddagiri  Published on  20 April 2023 10:00 AM GMT
Hyderabad’s 22-year-old Naina Jaiswal is youngest woman in India get PhD

Hyderabad: Naina Jaiswal, an international table tennis player from Hyderabad, has become the youngest person and the first woman in India to be awarded a doctoral degree, PhD, at the age of just 22 years.

Naina’s research topic was “A Study on Role of Micro-Finance in Women Empowerment” with reference to the Mehboobnagar district of Telangana. She started pursuing her PhD at the age of 17, making her a true child prodigy.

Naina’s educational achievements are impressive, having completed her 10th grade at the age of just eight years and her intermediate at 10 years. She went on to complete her graduation in BA mass communication and journalism at the age of 13 from St. Mary’s College, Hyderabad. She completed her post-graduation in MA political science from Osmania University at the age of 15, becoming the youngest postgraduate in Asia. In addition to her PhD, Naina is also a law graduate.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Naina says, “Throughout my childhood, I was home-schooled, which allowed me to balance both academics and sports. It’s a common occurrence that children who excel in sports tend to struggle with academics, and vice versa. However, my parents firmly believed that children could excel in both areas, and this became our family motto.”

She adds, “My father, who is an educationist and also an advocate, personally taught me from my early years all the way to my postgraduate studies (KG to PG).”

When asked about her early understanding of academic subjects, Naina says, “Thanks to the excellent training I received from my father, I was well-prepared for the examination and was able to write it successfully. One thing that set me apart was my ability to understand the subject and express it in my own words.”

Her achievements are not limited to her academic accomplishments. In table tennis, she is a national champion and South Asian champion and secured the 6th position at the ITTF World Hopes Team. She has won multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals in various national and international tournaments, including the All-India Public Sector, the National Ranking Tournament, and the Junior and Youth Nationals.

In addition to her sporting prowess, Naina is an international motivational speaker, having participated in various events and seminars held in the USA, UAE, Singapore, Oman, and all over India. In 2020-2021, she was the brand ambassador of the Andhra Pradesh police, and in 2019, she was appointed the official brand ambassador of India for World Peace Day Berlin in association with the United Nations.

She credits her success to her parents Ashwani Kumar Jaiswal and Bhagyalaxmi Jaiswal, who have been her teachers and provided unwavering support and training. She adds, “I am grateful for the invaluable guidance provided by my research guide, Prof. Dr. Murru Mutyalu Naidu Garu, and co-guide, Prof. Dr. Teki Surayya Garu, who have been instrumental in my research achievements.”

Naina’s accomplishments are not limited to academia, sports, and public speaking. She recorded a CD of Ramayana slokas at the age of seven and is a talented piano player and singer. She is also ambidextrous, able to write with both hands, and can cook Hyderabadi biryani in just 25 minutes.

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