Hyderabad: Sudden thunderstorms, rains bring brief relief from summer

Rajendranagar, Turkayamjal, Saroornagar, Nagole, Uppal experienced moderate to heavy rainfall

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  20 April 2024 10:56 AM GMT
Hyderabad: Sudden thunderstorms, rains bring brief relief from summer

Hyderabad: In a relief for the residents of Hyderabad, heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms lashed the capital city and other districts of Telangana on Saturday.

Several areas, including Rajendranagar, Turkayamjal, Saroornagar, Nagole, and Uppal, experienced moderate to heavy rainfall, bringing joy to the city’s inhabitants who had endured heatwave conditions for weeks. The maximum was recorded at 12 mm with an average of 7 mm in most areas which witnessed light rain.

Rain impact on commuters

However, the sudden downpour also disrupted vehicular traffic, causing difficulties for morning commuters. Office-goers faced challenges as waterlogging on roads led to traffic congestion, highlighting the immediate impact of the weather change on daily life.

Photos and videos shared online depicted the challenges faced by commuters navigating waterlogged roads near the Telangana Secretariat. Despite the difficulties, the rain brought a sense of relief and rejuvenation to the city, providing a much-needed break from the summer heat.

Joyous reactions from residents

Several residents took to social media to express their delight at witnessing the rainfall after enduring scorching temperatures. One user described it as ‘bliss,’ emphasising the contrast between the relentless heat and the refreshing rain. Another resident highlighted the widespread nature of the rainfall, noting its positive impact on different areas of South Hyderabad.

Despite the inconvenience caused, the rains offered a respite from the sweltering heat, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 44 degrees Celsius in some areas the previous day. The unexpected rainfall brought relief to residents, offering a welcome break from the oppressive summer weather.

IMD warning and precautions

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a warning of light to moderate rain and thunderstorms in various districts of Telangana. The bulletin advised people to remain vigilant for worsening weather conditions and to be prepared to move to safer locations if necessary. Minor damage to loose or unsecured structures was also anticipated.

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