Hyderabad: The Cyberabad traffic police have issued an advisory on December 27 in order for commuters after the current foggy weather conditions in which some road traffic accidents have occurred at some places.

The traffic police asked the citizens to avoid travelling during the early hours of the day as the visibility on the road would be poor and better to travel in sunlight when the visibility is clear.

Use of lights

The traffic police has asked to avoid using high-beam headlights in fog as fog consists of tiny water droplets that spread and reflect light. The traffic police also said that while high beams headlights are not useful in the fog, remember to turn on low-beam headlights to help other drivers see you.

Use of wiper and defroster

The traffic advisory also said the moisture on the windshield may create glare. Use windshield wiper and defroster. Drive at appropriate speeds in relation to other vehicles and maintain ample distance from other vehicles. This will give more space for braking in emergencies and check rearview mirrors before braking.

Emergency stopping

In emergency stopping, do not park/leave your vehicle on the carriageway. Take it away from the road and park it safely without causing any obstruction to other vehicles or pedestrians. Turn on hazard lights.

Use of ears in traffic

Keep an eye on the road and use your ears more carefully to judge traffic that you cannot see. So turn off loud music and don't use your mobile when driving. Honk periodically to alert other vehicles about your presence.

Turn off loud music in the vehicle. Don't use mobile phones while driving. Listen to the oncoming traffic by lowering the windows while changing lane or taking turns.

If the fog condition is bad, avoid driving further and wait for an improvement in visibility.

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