Hyderabad: With the temperatures constantly dropping, the people of Hyderabad woke up to a chill, hazy morning on Monday.

According to the TSDPS daily weather report released at 8; 30 am on 29th November, the GHMC area on average received minimum temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours. Hafeezpet in the Rangareddy district recorded the lowest temperature of 20.1 degrees Celsius in the GHMC area. Hyderabad recorded a minimum temperature of 20.9 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the TSDPS report says that the minimum temperatures are expected to further fall to 18-20 degrees Celsius in the next three days.

In Telangana, during the last 24 hours, the lowest minimum temperature recorded was 13.4 degrees Celsius at Arli (T) village in the Adilabad district.

As per the TSDPS report, minimum temperatures are expected to be between 17 to 21 degrees Celsius for the next three days over many districts.

However, the maximum temperatures are expected to be between 30-33 degrees Celsius in the entire state and for the GHMS, it will be between 30-32 degrees Celsius.


The state on average received nil rainfall. The maximum rainfall recorded was 3.6 mm at Manopad in the Jogulamba Gadwal district. The GHMC area also received no rainfall in the last 24 hours. From 1st June to 29th November in 2021, the cumulative rainfall in the state is 1100.7 mm against the normal 840.4 mm with a deviation of 31%. In the GHMC area, the cumulative rainfall for the same period is 877.0 mm against the normal 711.6 mm with a deviation of 23.2 %.

In GHMC and the entire state, light rain or thundershowers are expected at isolated places up to tomorrow. Thereafter, dry weather is expected for the next two days.

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