Krishnaiah murder: Owaisi slams Bihar government’s move to release Anand Mohan

Mr. Owaisi said a public servant was killed while he was on duty. “What kind of message are you giving by releasing the accused,” he asked

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 April 2023 11:48 AM GMT
Asaduddin Owaisi

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Thursday slammed the Bihar government for releasing former MP Anand Mohan who is accused of killing Gopalganj district magistrate G. Krishnaiah in 1994. By releasing the accused, the Bihar government is killing the IAS officer a second time, Mr. Owaisi said.

Anand Mohan was convicted for the murder of IAS officer G. Krishnaiah and was serving a life sentence. He was released on Wednesday after the Bihar government amended the prison manual. A mob led by the former MP pulled Krishnaiah out of his car, beat him, and shot him dead in 1994. The slain belonged to a Dalit family.

On Thursday, Mr. Owaisi, criticising the Bihar government, said civil servants in Bihar and any other place will rethink whether to work or not as the state fired bullets at their heads. “If you make amendments in the manual only for your political gain, you are not holding your rule for the cause of poor people. The Constitution speaks about justice and dignity and it is for the weaker people, but you are not upholding it,” he said.

He questioned what moved the Bihar government to remove clauses from the prison manual to release a convicted person who had two family members in the Assembly. The AIMIM chief said he was with the family of Krishnaiah and hoped that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has claimed that he will never compromise on corruption and communalism, would reconsider his decision. He asked, “Why is Rajat promoting the politics of criminalisation. Will we have to see the rise of sunlight and Ranveer Sena which terrorised the people during 1990 and 2000?”

Mr. Owaisi said a public servant was killed while he was on duty. “What kind of message are you giving by releasing the accused,” he asked and added “It appears that the party in rule, either the BJP in Gujarat or Nitish’s government in Bihar, do such things for political gains. Bilkis Bano rapists and others accused of murder who was released from jail were seen roaming with BJP leaders after their release and sharing the dais. This weakens the justice system…No government has extended the support to the family of Krishnaiah. The widow of a Dalit officer is standing alone seeking justice for her husband’s murder.”

Mr. Owaisi said though Nitish Kumar and RJD speak about social justice, in practice they are not with the weaker sections but with the dominant people. “In your eyes, weaker sections do not stand in the front, but the powerful people do,” he added.

He said if a person who was killed was a Dalit or a Muslim or if a woman who was raped was a Dalit or a Muslim or Adivasi, the BJP or Nitish governments would not support the victims. “Nitish Kumar is touring India in the name of opposition and unity and presenting himself as a candidate for Prime Minister. You are not fighting ideologically with the BJP. What was done with the criminals of Bilkis Bano by the BJP government in Gujarat, you are doing the same in Bihar by releasing the killers of Krishnaiah in Bihar,” he said.

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