Hyderabad: The passports of NRIs who post hateful and derogatory posts on social media will be seized and their visas cancelled, Hyderabad police commissioner C.V Anand warned on Tuesday. In his first video conference after taking charge as city police commissioner, Mr. Anand instructed officers to take a strict stand on social media harassment.

He said that those harassing people by morphing their photos and posting them on social media with derogatory comments will be dealt with strictly. In addition to registering cases against those spreading fake news on social media, he expressed the desire for a speedy trial.

The police commissioner said that if NRIs make hateful and derogatory social media posts, cases will be registered against them and lookout notices issued.

The commissioner asked the officials to provide information regarding crimes and criminals to the sections and wings concerned from time to time. The officers were also asked to identify criminals who are repeatedly committing the same offence and take action against them. This will help deter others who are inclined to commit similar offences, he said.

In case of any doubt in any of the cases, the legal advisor should immediately give suggestions and resolve the cases expeditiously. The trial should be expedited and the criminals should be punished, he added.

Emphasizing that every police officer should make it a habit to take necessary actions on their own, the commissioner asked them not to wait for orders from superior officers in emergencies and important incidents. Take the necessary technical assistance to gather evidence, he told them.

The commissioner said police officers should bring justice to the people and not give in to any injustice. Police officers should be as people expect them to be, he added.

COVID-19 measures

In the wake of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, it is mandatory and important that the GO released by the state government banning public meetings, conferences, or rallies, be strictly implemented in Hyderabad, Mr. Anand said.

He also suggested ensuring proper ventilation in every office and police station. He directed the officers to ensure that religious places were not crowded and asked them to stay vigilant. He asked them to speak to community elders within their respective police stations and explain to them the details of the GO released by the government regarding the regulations.

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