Hyderabad: A tipsy son of a police officer went on a rampage and assaulted a vendor and vandalized his pushcart at KPHB on Sunday evening.

Identified as Dr. G Arun Kumar, he is the son of a Reserve Police Inspector Mallaiah. He and his techie friend M Srinivas Yadav, who were in a drunken condition, assaulted a pushcart vendor after he was few minutes late in giving them water.

KPHB police registered a case and started the investigation.

According to police, Arun Kumar, a resident of IAS-IPS colony at Banjara Hills, and Srinivas of Habisguda had partied with their friends at KPHB on Sunday. Later, they boarded Arun's Innova and were on their way home. When they reached KPHB, they asked a pushcart vendor for some water.

The vendor who noticed their condition agreed to give them water. However, there was a few minutes delay. Enraged, the duo got down and started abusing him. They assaulted him and vandalized his pushcart.

As the vehicle had a police sticker, people surrounded the duo and informed the police. Arun even abused the people boasting about his father.

It was learnt that even when the patrol teams arrived at the spot, they did not cooperate. However, they were later shifted to the police station where they were tested for alcohol content.

Arun who drove the vehicle had tested 169 in the BAC test and his friend tested 342 BAC in the breath analyzer test. Their vehicle was seized and they were let off. Further investigation is underway, KPHB police said.

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