Stray dog beaten up, killed in Secunderabad's AWHO colony

A stray dog was beaten to death in Army Welfare Housing Organization(AWHO) colony in Secunderabad on 1 December.

By Sumit Jha  Published on  3 Dec 2020 3:25 PM GMT
Stray dog beaten up, killed in Secunderabads AWHO colony

Hyderabad: A stray dog was beaten to death in Army Welfare Housing Organization(AWHO) colony in Secunderabad on 1 December. The incident came to light after a couple of volunteers who came to feed the dogs in the colony filed a complaint alleging that the watchmen killed the dog on the orders of the society president.

Sanjana Raheja, a volunteer, said, "A tenant who was living in the area and taking care of two dogs had to go home due to personal reasons. So, we were feeding them. The animals became violent when the residents started beating them in an attempt to relocate them. The animals became defensive when the kids try to pull their ear or pinch them and hence bit a few colony kids. These dogs are sterilised and vaccinated. There was also another mother dog with three puppies."

According to the volunteer, the mother dog was docile and while feeding the two dogs, they also fed the mother dog.

The colony residents asked the volunteers to relocate the dogs. "The society residents wanted to throw them out. We had a word with them and asked the society president to wait for the dogs to be adopted," said Varun, another volunteer.

The volunteers continued to feed them while they began looking for relocation options. "The dogs were four-five years old so it is difficult to find homes for them. So, we decided to relocate them. We thought after the puppies were adopted, we will relocate the mother dog, too," said Sanjana.

One of the puppies was adopted. However, on Monday evening, the other two puppies went missing. "After the two puppies went missing, the mother dog became aggressive and bit two people. We know the residents' attitude towards the dog and that they even used to beat them. When we went to feed the mother dog in the evening, she was fine. We asked the society president to show us the CCTV footage so that we can find the missing puppies. He asked us to come the next day," added Varun.

Next morning, the volunteers found out that the mother dog had died. "When we reached there, the society people were dumping the mother dog in a trash site. She was bleeding. They said she had died of hunger, which is not the case since we had fed her the previous day. The watchman almost confessed that she was beaten to death," said Sanjana.

The volunteers suspect that the dog was beaten to death with sticks on the order of the colony president, KKD Prasad. The volunteers have filed a complaint in Karkhana police station against the society president for harming and killing the dog.

"No person has the right to relocate a dog. Even the GHMC cannot relocate them until they are sterilised and vaccinated. But the society people were adamant about relocating the dogs and beat them up. Now, they have killed the mother dog," said Varun.

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