Hyderabad: Due to lack of response from the Nizampet Municipal Corporation (NMC), three residents of Pragathi Nagar in Nizampet on Sunday took up the cleaning of sand piles on the Pragathi Nagar road.

Working from 8:30 a.m to 10 a.m, Sai Teja, Ramu, and Srinivas Bellam cleaned up five sand piles near the three-monkey statue on Pragathi Nagar road.

Despite the three-monkey statue being just 300 metres away from the NMC office, the officials have turned a blind eye. The residents have been approaching the officials for the last six months through the buddy app and social media to bring it to the notice of the officials so that the problem is resolved.

"The authorities come to clean one area but they remove the garbage from that area and dump it in another place. Remove and dump, remove and dump. Due to the rains and some drains, these piles get hardened and pose a threat to drivers. Especially during nighttime, it is highly dangerous as people are unable to see it," explains Sai Teja.

However, the residents have been doing the cleaning for the last couple of months and have removed 50 sand piles on the stretch of road from the three-monkey statue towards Bachupally.

On 13 December, pained by the apathetic attitude of authorities, four residents of Nizampet had voluntarily filled three potholes on the Pragathi Nagar road that had witnessed several accidents.

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