Hyderabad: Hyderabad International Airport has handled four lakh domestic passengers and around 35,000 international travelers in the last one month.

Thanks to Unlock 2.0, Hyderabad International Airport saw an increase in passenger as well as flight movement. From around 10,000 passengers on June 1, the number swelled to 22,000 a day on June 27. Passenger volume doubled in a month.

The airport recorded a gradual rise in Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) in June. From just over 100 on June 1, the ATMs gradually increased almost to 100 percent in a span of one month and touched 199 on June 27.

Airport travel has been steadily increasing with domestic arrivals and departures slowly picking up across India bringing cheer to the travelers. With vaccine penetration increasing and, compulsory RT-PCR tests, people are exuding confidence to travel again.

"In these challenging times, the number of passengers crossing four lakh in one month reflects the confidence and trust in air travel. As the pandemic subsides and restrictions across various destinations in the country ease, a gradual rebound in air travel has been witnessed. To brace ourselves in bringing about faster recovery, we have adopted innovative solutions that have become new normal," said GMR Hyderabad International Airport spokesperson

He said If the trend continues, we are poised to see a gradual increase in passenger numbers in the coming months. "Reaping the benefits of technology, we are continuously building user-friendly dynamic tech tools for a comfortable and safe travel experience," said the spokesperson said.

Hyderabad International Airport is now connected to 42 destinations in the domestic sector and 10 international sectors. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Vizag are the top 5 sectors that registered the largest growth in the last month.

Passenger number-wise, Mumbai recorded the highest growth of 84% during the same period. Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) and SME business travel have largely contributed to the increase in passenger numbers.

Hyderabad International Airport continues to provide a seamless passenger experience by strictly adhering to Covid-19 protocols like double masking, social distancing norms, etc. Regular announcements are being made in three (English, Telugu, and Hindi) languages in the terminal as well as landside asking passengers and staff to follow the necessary Covid-19 protocols.

The RAXA staff at the airport constantly addresses everyone on the landside with portable mikes. The special task force has also been constituted to ensure strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

With passenger safety a priority, surveillance teams with the help of the Telangana State Police partnered with the airport officials to ensure safety and adherence to Covid-19 protocols. Random checks are done and penalties are imposed on violators.

Further, 20 officials of GHIAL are appointed as Special Police Officers (SPOs) to safeguard and help in the enforcement of Covid-19 safety guidelines. These special officers will have the authority to impose a penalty on passengers, visitors, and staff who do not follow the Covid-19 safety guidelines within the airport premises.

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