Hyderabad: Jubilee Hills police have arrested a bike mechanic and mother of two children for killing a tailor at Karmika Nagar.

The victim has been identified as 40-year-old Mohammad Siddique Ahmed. The accused have been identified as Rubina and Mohammed Ali. Siddiq was the husband of Rubina.

On April 1, Mohammed Atiq Ahmed, the brother of the victim lodged a complaint with the Jubilee Hills Police station. He said Siddique Ahmed stays in Karmika Nagar along with his wife Rubeena and two children.

On March 30, Siddique went to his brother-in-law's house at Sriram Nagar for a dinner and later returned home. He said since then his phone is switched off.

On April 1, he called Siddique's landlord Zahoor to enquire about his brother. Zahoor checked the CCTV footage and informed Atiq that his brother has not ventured out.

Later with the help of neighbors and police, they broke open the doors and found Siddique's body stuffed inside the fridge in the kitchen.

It appeared that the assassin had used a sharp weapon to hack him to death. "For the last few years, my brother Siddique and his wife Rubeena were having a marital dispute. I am suspecting that persons related to Rubeena might have committed murder," said Mohammed Atiq Ahmed.

Police arrested Mohammed Ali, 22, a mechanic from Borabanda and Rubeena on Tuesday. According to police, Mohammed Ali and Rubeena were having an affair. Siddique had got the whiff of their relationship.

On March 28, Rubeena went to her parent's home with her kids. She informed Ali about Siddique's movements. Later, Ali came to the flat and attacked Siddique with a shock absorber. Siddique tried to resist but was overpowered by Ali.

He then stuffed Siddique's body in the refrigerator, cleaned the floor, and fled from the place

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