Hyderabad: Marketing Intelligence Team of Cyber Crimes -Hyderabad arrested a man for creating fake Instagram accounts to lure victims for chatting and morph their photos for blackmailing.

Identified as Mogili Anjaneyulu from Kothapet, he used to harass the victim by sending nude morphed photos and videos. The case came to the fore when a woman from Sanjeevareddy Nagar approached the Cyber Crimes about online harassment.

Officials said on Sunday night, the woman got a message from some unknown account asking if she was interested in crazy chat which she refused.

Then she was asked about the profile picture and she immediately blocked that account. Minutes later, the complainant got a message from another account with a screenshot of her contacts and a nude image of an actress. He threatened to edit her daughter's picture if she blocked him.

When she blocked this account, she got a message from another account in which he sent her the morphed picture of her friend's daughter and threatened to make it viral if she blocked him again.

Based on the complaint a case 2021 was registered at Cyber Crime PS and investigation started.

The modus operandi of the accused included creating fake accounts, chat with random women, morph their pictures and blackmail them to satiate his lust.

"The accused was using Instagram account `love_call_me_anji' to browse videos of women. He hatched a plan to contact women with fake Instagram accounts. As per his plan, he had created fake Instagram accounts `killer_official_1122', `manakuradu' `cute_prettygirl_1122' and `swathi_cute_1122'. He used to send friend requests and messages to them. When they accepted, he used to chat with them. He was also collecting their personal photos," police said.

The accused used to morph their photos and convert them into nudes. Later, he used to send nude photos to them. "If they ignored him or did not satiate his lust, he used to blackmail and threaten to circulate their morphed nude pictures on social media. If they succumbed, he used to video call them and collect their nude photos and videos by using screen recording on his mobile. He used to save them on Google Photos," police said.

Police said he used to call victims to meet him personally. "He used to blackmail them. He was threatening to send their nudes to family members and upload them on social media. It is suspected that he has cheated other women in the same manner," police said.

Police have issued an advisory asking people not to accept friend requests from unknown persons and not share any photos and videos.

"It is advised to lock your profiles also and don't entertain unknown persons on social media. Contact Police immediately in case of such activity," police said.

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