Hyderabadis celebrate Ugadi indoors amid nation-wide lockdown

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  25 March 2020 3:22 PM GMT
Hyderabadis celebrate Ugadi indoors amid nation-wide lockdown

Hyderabad: Hyderabadis celebrated the Telugu New Year Ugadi in their homes amidst a nation-wide 21-day lockdown. People decorated their doorsteps with Muggu and adorned their doors with mango leaves. They did pooja at their homes as all religious places were shut down for the public.

Following Chief Minister KCR's orders to stay indoors, people all over Telangana spent time with their family, savouring the Ugadi pachadi (pickle), and drinking the traditional drink made using six different ingredients signify six different tastes which show six different emotions.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Krishnaveni, a housewife, said, "This Ugadi will be no different for us. Our entire family will first sit together for the pooja and then have the Ugadi pachadi. We will also offer some to our neighbours as I feel everyone should have pachadi today. Usually, temples serve pachadi to all devotees but since they are closed people might miss it. I make sure everyone in my area gets to have some."

Banjara Hills and areas near Tank Bund, which are usually crowded, were deserted on the first day of the 21-day lockdown. Other areas like KPHB, Madhapur, Balanagar, and Kushaiguda saw people, mostly students and techies, line up outside police stations after the hostel and PG owners asked them to vacate their rooms. They came to the police stations with letters requesting permission to travel to their homes. Most of them are from various districts of Andhra Pradesh. The KPHB police, however, said they can not give permission but can arrange for food and accommodation. As part of the lockdown, the Chief Minister has closed down the inter-state borders. Only vehicles carrying essentials, such as milk and vegetables, will be allowed.

As the state-wide lockdown entered its third day, people finally seem to have understood the gravity of the situation. Things seemed more organised as compared to the first day of the lockdown. Social distancing was followed at supermarkets.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a 21-day nation-wide shutdown and urged people to stay at home. Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, on Tuesday, had said, "If people roam the streets and don't obey the rules, we will be forced to give shoot at sight orders and deploy the Army."

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