I’m impotent, says Telangana man accused for Hajipur rape-murders

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Jan 2020 7:32 AM GMT
I’m impotent, says Telangana man accused for Hajipur rape-murders

Hyderabad: Alleged serial killer Srinivas Reddy claimed in court on Friday that he's impotent and it was not possible for him to rape anybody. During a six-hour hearing on the killings of three minor girls, the accused said he was innocent and had been framed by the police.

The police have arrested Srinivas Reddy for allegedly offering rides to the victims before raping and killing them. The 33-year-old crane operator has been accused of dumping the bodies in wells at Hajipur village of Yadadri Bhongir district of Telangana.

"The entire case against me is false, and I do not have any connection with the murders in Hajipur. The police department filed the fake case against me. All the pieces of evidence in the murder case are also fictitious. The semen on the bodies was not mine. The police took the semen from me with a syringe," said Srinivasa Reddy in the First Additional Session Court in Nalgonda district. Reddy said the police sprayed his semen on the bodies and forced him to give his fingerprints.

Replying to a question from Justice V Vishawanatha Reddy, Srinivas Reddy said he is impotent while insisting that had been implicated in a false case. Doctors have submitted his fitness certificate in the court which will now hear the case next on January 6.

The judge recorded the statements of all witnesses who held Srinivas Reddy responsible for the murders. The police presented 101 witnesses against the accused. After the accused kept on saying everything was false and fake, the judge asked him, "Why have all these cases been filed against you?"

The accused responded that "the root cause of the case is our land. Some people influenced the police to file the false case against me as our family refused to sell our land."

The judge then asked him why he had four phone numbers. He said the photos of the victims were on his phone. "Your phone data reveals that you are a porn addict."

The accused again replied with the same answer that all allegations against him were false and that he didn't have a smartphone. He claimed that he didn't how to ride a bike to counter the police charge that he had offered rides to the victims.

When the court asked him about his role in the murder of a sex worker in Kurnool years ago, Srinivas Reddy told that he was not aware of any such incident. He said he was picked up by the police when he was at the workplace, but fumbled when the court asked him to explain the details of the workplace and his employer and the nature of his work.

The accused also urged the court to allow his parents to be made witnesses in the case, though he could not give more details about their whereabouts.

The sensational crimes came to light after the discovery of the body of a 14-year-old missing girl in an agricultural well in the farm of the accused. Inquiries led the police to the body of a 17-year-old girl who too had been missing for two months. In police custody, Srinivasa Reddy admitted to kidnapping, raping and killing a 12-year-old girl in 2015 when she had come to visit a relative at Hajipur.

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